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welcme to the Alchmist Library

thank you for trusting me with your hair!

I truly value the time we spend together in my chair, and I know we talk about a lot during your appointment. 

 please use this page as your personal resource.

 Think of this library as your one stop shop to finding all the things i recommend.

From tutorials, to booking an appointment, to upkeep schedule suggestions and so much more.

I want this library to be your easy access point for valuable resources and excellent service.  if you do not find what you're looking for in this resource, please do not hesitate to reach out via text to 832 377 7723



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sggstd Appintmnt  timlin

Toner 4-6 weeks

Haircut 6-14 weeks

modern gray coverage 6-8 weeks

blonding 6-8 weeks

Hairline highlights 6-8 weeks

blonding (lived in) 10-14 weeks

*add a haircut if its been more than 8 weeks

suggest appt

optional maintenance srvics

These services are options for if you need a small refresh but aren't ready for a complete blonding appointment

local   businesses   i   love

local favs

I usually always am talking about my fav new restaurant or a service provider i love.  here's a list of my favorite spots in case you want to try something new

Service Providers:

Melanie Frye, DNP Aesthetic injector and owner of Ori Aesthetics. (Injectibles and skin treatments)


Jentry Kelley Cosmetics, (Makeup and special occasion hair styling) 

East End Barber, (Barbering services, soon opening a Heights location)

MVMT Chiropractic, (Chiropractic and other wellness)

Dharma Skin Spa, (Facials and holistic goodies)

Bare Necessities, (Waxing and Facials, soon opening a Greenway Plaza Location)

Brooklyn Price, (Permanent makeup) 

other favorites:

Kaboom Books, (Amazing used book store, right next to the salon)

Fabio's Pasta, (Homemade amazing pastas and sauces you buy and cook at home)

Uncle Bean's, (Coffee next to the salon, try it out if you ever arrive early)

after care


how often should i wash my hair?

  honestly everyone is different in how much oil they produce.  a good rule of thumb is no more than once a day, and don't go longer than every 3 days.  good professional shampoos aren't drying, they're actually reparative after a color service.  when in doubt, if it feels icky, shampoo it. 

what temperature should my flat/curling iron be at?


There is no need for anyone to have their curling iron, wand or flat iron set higher than 350 degrees. Remember, you bake a chicken at 350 degrees, we don’t need to fry your hair. Fine to Medium Hair: No higher than 300 degrees. Medium to Coarse hair: 300-350 degrees. 


What order do i use my styling products? 

First use your detangler, (if needed), then follow with your leave in conditioner.  if you are using heat styling, you will now add your heat protectant. next add either your volumizing product, or smoothing product, (depending on hair type and what your desired goal is).  after you have styled hair, finish with dry shampoo to avoid oil production, and either hairspray, texture spray, or smoothing oil depending on desired goals.

if airdrying you can skip heat protection and go to use whatever product you were suggested to use for air drying.  

how far out do i need to schedule my next appointment?

my schedule tends to be booked a month in advance.  if you are someone who wants a specific day or time of day, or comes every 4-8 weeks i would suggest pre-booking at the end of your appointment to make sure you get the timeframe you want.  if you have a more 'lived-in' look and prefer to go longer in between appointments, i say reach out about a month and a half before you want to get your hair done.  if you're very flexible you can always ask to be on my waitlist if planning that far in advance doesn't work for you.

does it matter what type of products i use on my hair?

Yes!! Salon professional products will keep your hair healthy, prevent breakage, ensure the health of your scalp and maintain your gorgeous new color. Store bought products can fade hair, add product build up and actually be rough and harmful to your hair.  also, store bought shampoos/conditioners tend to have more water than pro products, so over time you end up spending more money as you go through them faster.  I recommend  Davines products to maintain the health of your hair.

how can i protect my hair when i sleep or tie it up?

satin pillowcases and hair ties are a wonderful way to pamper your hair with little effort.  satin protects from friction which leads to breakage.  i prefer satin over silk as satin won't absorb the natural moisture in your skin and hair like silk can.  if a scrunchie isn't your vibe, claw clips are a wonderful option. 

when can i use purple shampoo?

purple shampoos should never be used within the first 2-3 weeks post hair color.  I actually prefer using a purple mask, as the purple shampoos are incredibly drying,  if you feel you must use a purple shampoo, please follow with a hydrating deep conditioning mask to replace lost moisture.  keep in mind these types of products won't make your hair more blonde, and they are completely ineffective on dark blondes and brunettes. 

are shower filters worth it?

yes.  shower filters are absolutely worth it.  i promise. all water is treated to make it potable, which means chemicals and minerals are added....which of course means they deposit into your hair.  this results in hair (and skin) feeling dry, brittle, and color looking brassy or dull, depending on what is depositing into it.  trust me, just get one. 

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If you have any additional questions that were not answered on this page please do not hesitate to reach out!

i'm always happy to help via text, and i can update this page as needed to make sure questions/tutorials are available as needed.

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