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Hi!   I’m Sharon and I am so happy yu are here!

The term alchemy to me encompasses exactly what a hairstylist does....mastering both art and chemistry, it’s literal magic!

I started my professional career in 2007 and had the opportunity to work at some of Houston's top salons, where I worked on honing my skills and perfecting my craft.  In 2022 and 2023 I was voted the number one Stylist in Houston by the Houston Chronicles "Best of the Best".

After spending time learning all the tricks of the trade, I decided to focus on what I love and do best, so I shifted my focus to specializing in blonding.  Creating beautiful blended looks and camouflaging grays for graceful grow outs is where I shine!

From brunettes to blondes, and every shade in between, creating beautiful customized color is when I'm in my happy place.

Everyone’s head of hair is unique, so coloring and cutting hair in a way that compliments your own personal style and texture is critical. I love being able to teach you how to best work with your natural assets, and love the hair you have.  My goal is to give you the knowledge and confidence to both style and use products to bring out the best in your hair. 

While I view hair as an art form and it is a creative outlet for me, I pride myself both on being meticulous in my techniques and a complete professional.  When you are in my chair you won't have to sacrifice skill or talent for professionalism, efficiency and timeliness. I bring it all to the table. 

 I stay current with modern trends by attending multiple courses annually, as well as doing several monthly online trainings. I find that continuing my education not only increases my skill level, but also inspires me to always excel and elevate the client experience I provide. I’m always looking to one up myself!


Now here is a little about me personally!  growing up my family moved around quite a bit, so I was lucky to see many different places, including some time spent in the UK. This absolutely helped form me, and lit a lifelong desire to travel. Taking adventures well off the beaten track, going to old favorites, or finding somewhere new and quirky, any way you slice it, traveling is my favorite way to reset and become inspired. 

When I’m not traveling I’m definitely a homebody, and I spend time relaxing and recharging at home in Houston's East End.   I’m a bookworm by nature, so if I’m at home I guarantee I’ve got a book in my hand!

One of my favorite things about living in Houston is the food scene! We are so lucky to have such vibrant restaurant culture here, and dining out is also a favorite splurge. I am always down to discuss anything books and swap all the recommendations on new or old dining spots!

 Low key Sundays are my favorite, and hanging out with my husband and our two chihuahuas is my perfect way to end a weekend.

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Hair Alchemist

 Text message 832-377-7723

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Medusa Hair Alchemist
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