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srvics and priing

All service prices are listed at a base price and subject to additional costs, 

based amount of time and product needed, as well as the complexity of the technique(s) used,

and time of day (Regular hours vs Peak Hours)

All new clients first must have a consultation to discuss goals and current state of hair. 

 Fill out the                         to get started.

If you have not seen me in 6 months, please click           for the “New Guest” page. We will need to reconnect and revisit your hair goals to ensure I have enough information to achieve your desired look

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clr srvics

customized Blonding services $300+

This service is for anyone looking to add brightness to their hair. Whether you are looking for super bright blonde, a dimensional brunette, or to achieve a more natural lived-in effect, this is the service for you. I’ve eliminated the various categories of ‘highlights, balayage, teasylights’ etc to streamline the booking process and to avoid confusion for you. A consultation prior to service will determine which techniques will be used to achieve your dream hair.

This price includes full consultation, a bond builder, customized toning gloss, luxury shampoo experience and blowout style.  Final cost is based on which technique is used and if additional product is needed.


signature hairline highlight $185+

When you need a quick pick me up in between your big blonding services, or if you have a more 'lived in' color and prefer a 'rootier' look, this is for you. This service is a mini refresh, which retouches the face framing and nape area highlights and all over tone of the hair. This service is for existing clients only, and meant for 6-8 week upkeep. Additional foils/blonding outside of the included hairline may be added for an extra cost, and please mention that you want this additionally in the notes at booking.

This price includes full consultation, a bond builder, customized toning gloss, luxury shampoo experience and blowout style.

Modern Gray Coverage $165+

When you want to see zero gray hairs and have 100% coverage, this is the service for you. This service is for the gal on the go, as I use an innovative color line that completely covers grays in 1/3 of the time as traditional hair color. Maintaining both the health and integrity of your hair, but without the lengthy appointment time that usually comes with full gray coverage. Included is a root retouch to cover grays, (no foils or blonding), a luxury shampoo experience and a blowout style. 90+ as an add on service. 

Othr ppular srvics

Customized Haircut $90/$125*

Customized haircut based on your hair type, face shape and desired maintenance level and look. Consultation and demonstration on how to style is included, as well as a luxury shampoo experience and blowout style.

I am currently not offering clipper cuts.

This can also be added to any color service.

*$90 when added to a color service.

Price as stand alone service $125

Brazilian Blowouts $300+

This is the ultimate treatment for Houston’s humidity! Brazilian Blowout is an anti texture treatment that helps control frizz and texture while also reducing your styling time. Completely customizable based on your specific needs, this service has the power to change your daily routine dramatically.  This can also be added to any color service.

Toner service $60+

This is for a toner refresh to keep your color looking as good as day one. Meant for in between highlighting sessions, this is best done 4-6 weeks post major blonding appointments.

A luxury deep conditioning treatment is the perfect add on to this service, for the ultimate repair/refresh in between blondings. 

This service is available for current clients only, and does not include a blowout. 

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Happy Outdoor Portrait

A la Carte/
Add n srvics

K-18 Molecular repair treatment $50

K-18 repairs the hair at a molecular level, focusing on the polypeptide chain which is the foundation of hairs strength.  Adding this service to your lightening process not only prevents damage, it actually repairs previous damage, resulting in healthier, more beautiful hair. 


luxe hydrate and repair treatments $50

Based on your specific needs, a treatment will be customized for your hair goals, and then applied  with a scalp massage and steam infusion to help penetrate the cuticle for maximum repair. A lavender scented eye mask adds to the ultimate relaxation of this experience. (Express treatment available without steam/eye-mask for $35)

alchemic scalp treatment $50

This service is pure magic for those who suffer from flakey, dry or overly oily scalps, or just are dry shampoo addicts.  Included is an enzyme scalp treatment that gently exfoliates scalp without any irritating granules.  This is followed by a lux CBD scalp masque, head massage and Davines OI shine treatment. aromatherapy and steam therapy complete this magical experience. 

*Option to combine this treatment with Luxe&Repair for $90


Metal Detox treatment $50

This is a pre and post color 3 part service, ideal for hair which has a mineral build up from hard water, chlorine, and free radicals. Included in cost is pre treatment, removal, and deep conditioning mask for incredibly soft hair.


Tipped out ends $50+

Additional lightening and brightening of ends of hair. Can be added on to any blonding session.  This service comes with a express conditioning treatment to finish.


Root shadow/melt/Gray Cover $70+

This service is an add on to a blonding or a maintenance appointment. It is meant to blend root color seamlessly with blonding. Slight gray blending is achievable with the shadow. 

Also available is 100% Gray coverage root add on 90+ 

When you want to see zero gray hairs and have 100% coverage, choosing full gray coverage iss the service for you.


Lowlights $30+

This is to add depth and dimension to any color.


Blowouts $65+

A fabulous blow out to prepare you for a night out or any special occasion.  Using the best styling products customized for your specific hair type and needs, this service will give you the most amazing volume!


Flat iron add on $25

When your hair needs a little more straightening than a blowout will allow, add this on for smoothing to finish out your service.

Price per extra 1 oz. color needed $25

Confused on what service is right for you? No worries! I've got you covered.            

                     to fill out the New Client Form.  This will give me all the information I need to get you scheduled for the correct service(s).  Once I've received that form, I will reach out with any further questions I may have, and you will be on your way to your perfect hair appointment!

Please note that appointments 5pm and later fall into Peak Time Pricing, and are at a 20% higher rate than prices listed above.  VIP appointments are available outside of normal business hours at a 40% rate increase. To inquire about VIP appointments, please email

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