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thank you for trusting
me with your hair!

post hair color do's and don'ts 

-Do wait 48 hours if possible before shampooing hair. This helps the longevity of the toner.
-Do only use professional, color safe shampoo and conditioner.  Sharon suggested some to you, feel free to text her if you need additional suggestions.
-Don't submerge hair in a pool, ocean, or other large body of water.  This is very stripping and will ruin your color. 
-Do avoid purple shampoo for at least a month, or altogether if able.  Sharon can provide alternatives that are better for your hair for maintaining color. 
-Don't flat iron or curl your hair without using a thermal protectant.  High temperatures will burn the toner out of your hair and can result in brassy color. 
-Do contact Sharon with any questions or concerns as soon as they arise. 

-Do enjoy your new hair and feel super confident, you look good babe!



it was wonderful meeting you!

I strive to provide not only excellent hair services and customer service skills, but also an overall amazing salon experience.  In order to continue to improve and perfect the services provided, I highly value input from you.  I want you to always feel seen and heard, but I understand that sometimes constructive criticism may be hard to give.  Here I provide a completely anonymous feedback form, where you may feel confident giving your honest opinion on where I may improve in order to blow you away each and every visit.  

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