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Client Satisfaction Survey

If you've been a part of my business for awhile, you likely know that I am always striving to improve on your experience as a valued guest.  Whether its education on advanced techniques, the most

innovative products, or how to improve your experience in my chair, I love learning and implementing new things!

I know that nobody is perfect, and there is always room to grow and improve.   I've made a quick survey to get your honest feedback on what you love, where I may be lacking, or things you would like to see me do to make your experience with me go above and beyond what you expect from a hair professional. 

I have opted to make two surveys, one for current clients and one for former clients, so if you would spare a few moments to give me feedback I would appreciate it!

Your honesty is incredibly valuable to me, and I've made these surveys completely anonymous so you can feel confident in your answers. 

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